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Women who want straight hair fast without the cost or commitment of curl altering chemical treatments often turn to flat irons for their short term hair straightening needs. Flat irons flatten and straighten the hair without permanently altering its natural shape giving users the ability to restore their hair to its natural curl or wave pattern with just one wash. In this flat iron product review, we’ll take a look at the high end flat iron brand Royale. The brand boasts European professional quality and offers a variety of products that meet the various hair care needs of its customers. Our Royale flat iron review will focus of the types of flat irons that exist and how they affect your hair in addition to reviews of popular Royale flat irons.

Royale Classic Lime Green Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron

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If you want hair that’s straight and soft to the touch the Royale Classic Lime Green Ceramic Flat Iron is the perfect choice. The 1 to ¼ inch solid ceramic plates glide through hair effortlessly. Its solid ceramic construction means never having to worry about strands of your hair getting damaged as a result of getting trapped in chips and cracks as is sometimes the case with ceramic plated versions. With a temperature range of 176 to 446° you can apply as much or as little heat to your hair as you choose.

Royale Premium Black Tattoo Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

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Get the benefits of ion and Nano technology built into your ceramic flat iron with the Royale Premium Black Tattoo Nano Ceramic Flat Iron. Royale’s silver Nano coating combined with the benefits of ceramic heating plates plus the advantages of ionic bonding create an enhanced ceramic flat iron that can meet all of your hair straightening needs.

Royale Slim Line Black Tattoo 1″ Nano Titanium Flat Iron

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Short hair is no problem for the limited edition Royale Slim Line Black Tattoo Titanium Flat Iron. The sleek product design along with its one inch Nano silver coated titanium plates make this flat iron perfect for creating flips and adding curl accents to tapered hair styles.

Royale 1″ Giraffe Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron

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Advanced ionic field technology, solid tourmaline ceramic plates and Royale’s Nano silver coating make Royale’s 1” Giraffe Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron a perfect buy for anyone who wants to maintain healthy hair. The presence of tourmaline in these combination flat irons ensures your hair will retain moisture and natural oils.

Each Royale flat iron is specifically designed to straighten hair efficiently, to help hair retain moisture and to prevent damage to the hair while the product is in use, but before we get to the reviews of Royale flat irons, let’s take a look at the most popular types of flat irons available to consumers:

Ceramic flat irons

The hair straightening plates of ceramic flat irons are made of ceramic, a material composed of nonmetallic elements like clay that are then mixed with water and hardened at high temperatures. The ceramic plates apply high, evenly distributed heat to the hair therefore fewer passes are required take your hair from curly to straight. Ceramic flat irons leave hair with a healthy shiny finish and may just be the most popular type of flat iron on the market today. Beware – all ceramic flat irons are not created equal. The plates of less expensive ceramic flat irons may be composed of solid aluminum that is only coated with ceramic on the surface. Over time and with repeated use the ceramic coating may disintegrate exposing the aluminum base. Chips and cracks in the coating may snag your hair leaving you with unwanted damage.

Tourmaline flat irons

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is found most abundantly in Asia. The stone is a compound of a variety of natural elements including iron, magnesium, sodium and aluminum. These elements work together to create effective flat iron plates. Tourmaline flat iron heating plates straighten hair without completely stripping it of its natural oils and moisture. They heat up quickly and apply heat to the hair evenly making them the go to styling tool for anyone with a hectic lifestyle.

Titanium flat irons

Titanium is a lightweight metal that is high in strength and nearly completely resistant to water erosion. Titanium flat iron plates go from cool to the touch to smoking hot in less time than any other type of flat iron plate. The quick heating time of titanium plates makes it possible to straighten your hair with fewer passes which means that your hair is exposed to less heat in the long run but be careful, higher heat in a shorter amount of time can result in burned hair. Always remember to monitor this styling tool and use it with caution.

Ionic flat Irons

Ionic flat irons work by using the way ions bond to help create straight, healthy hair. Ionic bonding occurs when negative and positive ions attract. The negatively charged plates of ionic flat irons attract to the positively charged water ions present in your hair. The result of this attraction of opposites is exceptionally smooth, frizz free hair. Ceramic and titanium both emit negative ions and are great for use on hair that is unruly or prone to frizzing up quickly.

Combination flat irons

Combination flat irons give you the combined benefits of everything they’re made of. For example, tourmaline is often crushed and mixed with other metals or compounds like ceramic or titanium to create flat irons that offer a greater degree of benefits and styling options. Ceramic Ionic flat irons give your hair a shiny finish while preventing frizz and titanium tourmaline flat irons heat up quickly while providing your hair with unparalleled smoothness.

What’s the best Royale flat iron for you? Read our Royale flat iron reviews to find the flat iron that will give you the results you’ve always wanted.

Choosing the best Royale Flat Iron from our review is easy. Compare the benefits of each style to find the flat iron that best suits your styling needs.