Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron Review

remington silk ceramic flat-ironMy hair has never behaved the way I would like it to. Some parts are wavy, some straight, and I have multiple colics that sprig up on their own as if trying to escape. Controlling my mop and achieving any sort of uniformity has always been a challenge.  I’ve tried a variety of styling products mousse, to gel, to chemical relaxers, the last of which caused a good degree of my hair to fall out and or break off.

Finally, a friend recommended the Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron. I was skeptical at first, given my unsuccessful hair history, but I figured I’d give it a shot. After all, her hair always looks so nice, and the product comes with a four year warranty, so, I knew that if I was unhappy, I could always return it for a refund.

I went out and purchased the straightener the very next day.  It’s a nice-looking iron, reminiscent of the ones I’d seen used in salons. I plugged in the Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron, and it was hot almost instantly. I chose a medium heat setting (this iron goes up to 455 degrees), which was clearly displayed on its digital panel, and went to work. I was immediately struck by the way it seamlessly moved through my hair; no pulling or snagging, and since the (2 inch) ceramic plates are so wide, I was able to straighten large portions of my hair at a time.

The straightener also held my hair in place, preventing me from having to redo certain areas due to them falling out of its grip.  Within minutes, I was seeing amazing results. Not only was my hair looking smoother, it was actually looking shinier and healthier than before!

Honestly, I was so incredibly happy with the instantaneous results, I called my friend even before I’d finished simply raving! She laughed and gave me a quick, “told you so”, and I went back to finish the job.

My hair is relatively thick and past my shoulders, and it only took me about ten minutes to have it all looking uniformly sleek, even the colics!  In addition to the ease of use and unsurpassed results, the Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron offers several wonderful features, such as:

a silk powder coating, which honestly improves the luster and health of hair, a 60 minute automatic shut off, which is awesome, because I’m hopelessly forgetful, and a temperature lock to prevent overheating. Oh, and the cord was long and flexible enough to afford me freedom of movement while straightening.

Bottom line, I cannot recommend this straightener enough! It works incredibly well, better than anything I’ve used in the past, and my “problem” hair is no longer a problem. I love my friend. I love my Remington Silk Ceramic Flat Iron. And, at long last, I love my hair! If you struggle with hair issues, go out and buy this flat iron! I guarantee, you’ll be thrilled with the results!