One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron Review

argan ceramic flat ironWe’ve all heard about the major benefits of argan oil, deriving from the Moroccan argan tree, and smoothing hair, creating that mirror-like shine, cutting out frizz, and leaving hair looking infinitely healthy. More? Well if you have color treated hair, argan oil is also known to help keep that vibrant hue, conditioning hair that could have been damaged in the coloring process. Argan oil is of course known to be rich and bursting with fatty acids, omega 6, and vitamin E, which all basically adds up to a healthy, strong hairstyle, shining from the outside in.

So with all this in mind, a set of flat irons infused with argan oil is a sure fire winner, right?

Well according to bloggers, reviewers and industry professionals, the One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Straightening Iron is certainly that, with fantastic reviews and big selling figures, despite its lower price tag when compared to other irons in the same category. Are the results any less for the lower price tag? Not at all!

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Available in two different plate widths, of 1” and 1.5”, this particular straightening iron is great for any type of hair, and many reviewers have stated that even thick and coarse hair, such as afro hair, is easily straightened and glossed using this particular iron. Coarse hair isn’t the easiest to straighten, so successfully doing this, whilst coating with the magic effects of argan oil is a definite plus. Another regular comment is that just one swipe through with the straighteners creates a smooth, silky, free-free, and of course, straight style, which means less damage to hair by over-styling with heat products.

Instant heat up, with 30 different settings, with a maximum of a scorching 450 degrees, this iron gets hot fast, but also stays hot. One of the main comments from users has been how hot it does get, so always be cautious with this, and use heat protection products accordingly.

A long cord is a major plus, meaning ease of use from a plug being a distance away, and easier to style as a result.

For a lower price tag, the huge success of this particular flat iron just goes to show that you can get high quality products without paying out huge amounts. Highly recommended by industry professionals, as well as regular users, you’ll struggle to find any negative reviews, and the only slight comment found was that there was the risk of snagging occasionally with very long hair. Despite this – positive all the way, and then some!