20 Best Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair On Pinterest

medium length hair styles

Long hair is ultra feminine and short hair is so sleek, but sometimes, we just want to try medium length hair styles. For anyone who’s sported medium length hair, you’d know that with this length, it’s easy to get volume and create stylish updos as well.

Here are the 20 most popular pins on Pinterest featuring medium length hair.

1. Uneven Medium Length Hair styles with Highlights

This pin is very popular on Pinterest as it’s earned thousands of repins. And who can’t love this sassy and fun style? The uneven length – short at the back and long in front – gives it style and body. The highlights and color are killer as well!

hairstyles for medium length hair

Via momfabulous.com

2. Medium Bob in Blond

This is an awesome cut – a medium bob. However, what brings this hairstyle to another level is the hair color used. The blond color definitely makes it eye catching.

hairstyle for medium length hair

Via pophaircuts.com


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3. Medium Layered Bob

A medium layered bob is great with any hair color. It is very low maintenance and a quick run-through with your fingers is enough to give it a windswept look.

hairstyles medium length

Via styleshut.com

4. Layered Hair with Bangs

In this medium length hairstyle, check out the very short layers throughout the top. The layering frames the face. The overall look is very sexy.

hairstyle medium length hair

Via momfabulous.com

5. Kate Mara Ombre Look

Celebrity colorist Denis De Souza says that Kate Mara has never colored her hair before the actress turned blond. Pinterest users love the blond color and say that it gives Mara an edgier look!

hairstyles medium length

Via joico.com

6. Emma Stone’s Straight Shoulder Medium Length Hairstyle

This is a popular look on the beautiful Emma Stone – straight shoulder medium length.

hairstyles for medium length

Via pophaircuts.com

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7. Straight Red Bob Cut

This red bob cut is a fashion statement. It’s edgy and trendy.

hairstyles with medium length hair

Via pophaircuts.com

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8. Layered Bob

The layered bob is a classic. It’s very easy to wear and very light to carry. Despite the short length, it is also very flexible. It can be styled straight, curly, or wavy. This is one of our favorite medium length hair styles.

haircut for medium length hair

Via brit.co

9. Messy Wavy Layers

We’re not sure whether the popularity of this pin comes from the fact that it’s Taylor Swift or it’s just a really cool hairstyle. However, Taylor has always had great fashion so the answer is most likely both.

This medium length hairstyle is very sweet with its messy and wavy layers.

hairstyles of medium length hair

Via stylesweekly.com

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10. Katy Perry’s Long Bangs

The beautiful songstress’ shoulder length hairstyle has minimal layering throughout the cut. It also opts for long face-framing bangs which works very well with the shape of her face.

medium length hair styles

Via brit.co


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