Top 30 Long Hairstyle Ideas on Pinterest

long hair style ideas

Pinterest is a great place to get long hair style ideas for women. Long hair is a classic and enduring length for women. With long hair, women feel very feminine. This length is also very versatile as different hairstyle ideas can be applied.

We checked out the best and most popular long hair styles for women in Pinterest. Which new styles do you want to learn today?

1. French Braid Undercut

Shaved undercuts are getting popular in Hollywood. And for actresses who can’t just yet shave off portions of their heads, a tight side braid is a handy and convenient solution.  It’s still fashionable but not out and out rebellious.

Check out Jessica Alba sporting a French braid undercut at Comic-Con.

long hairstyle


2. Basket-weaving Hairstyle

Basket weaving hairstyles have been getting raves in Pinterest of late. It’s easy to see why with this pretty pin.

In this photo, inspiration is taken from basket weaving hairstyle techniques. In basket weaving hair, four or more strands of hair are woven together in a checkered pattern to resemble a woven basket.

In this pin though, the latticed basket weaving is applied to the top section of the half-up style. Don’t you just love how the highlighted locks show up very well in this hairstyle?



3. Beach Waves and Brown Hair

Isn’t this a simply gorgeous pin? We love everything about it – the cool eyewear, the cute bikini top, and most of all, the perfect beach waves. Seems like everybody’s been hunkering for beach waves of late. There are so repins on beach waves tutorials and photos, it’s crazy.

There are tutorials for beach waves with hot irons, cold irons, and no irons. The most common ingredients for beach waves are usually warm water, sea salt, coconut oil and gel. Check out an oft-pinned tutorial here.



4. Curly Long Hairstyle

Based on the number of repins on this photo, Pinterest ladies want to have this long curly hairstyle. If you’ve been born with natural curly hair that behaves exactly like you want it to, then you’re blessed!

If you’re not, then line up with us ladies who need to braid their hair overnight or need a really good curling iron.


curly long hairstyle


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5. Cute Straight Long Bob

From luscious curly hair, we go to silky long hair. It’s a bit ironic (oh boy a pun!), but notice how curly-haired girls straighten their hair while straight-haired girls want sexy curls?

This pin shows off a cute straight long bob. The demure white top and low key accessories make a great pair for this hairstyle. The glasses are a cute touch too!

cute long bob


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6. Loose Long Braids for Summer

Now we have our favorite Disney princess rocking loose long braids for summer. Selena often wears her hair loose but she switches her style up in this photo with braids.  Very casual and ultra summery.



7. Long Layered

Another obsession with Pinterest users – long layered hair. Can somebody tell us how to get our hair looking exactly like this?

long layered


8. French Braid Messy Bun

We love this French Braid Messy Bun! It looks great on any face and form and it’s very versatile too. It can be worn casual or formal and just needs to be paired up with the right clothes and accessories.

To create your own messy bun, simply do a regular French Braid and pull it looser on the top. For the bun at the back, you can choose from a donut bun or just using hair pins to pin down each strand. You can also use a cool top knot technique from Missy Sue.



9. The Upside Down Braided Bun

The Upside Down Braided Bun is another super popular pin on Pinterest. Compared to other long hair style ideas, this is quite novel. After all, you have to start your braided bun by doing going upside down (or at least bending down from the waist).

Is this another hair style that looks great on Pinterest but not in real life? Try it and get back to us!

upside down braided bun


10. Soft Flat Iron Curls

Wow these curls REALLY look super soft.

Guess what? These curls were done with a flat iron. To pick out a flat iron that will do a good job of curling your hair, choose one that is thin, has edges that are rounded, and gets warm on the outside of the plates as well.

You can watch a video tutorial here.

flat iron curls