John Frieda Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Salon Professional Volume Styler

john friedaI’ve saved the number #1 selling hot brush on Amazon for last, and requested it to be reviewed by Jasmine Benson, a beauty blogger and writer at I’ve known her for a couple of years now we both have contributed to each other’s blog a couple of times. I hope you find her reviews valuable and insightful, and yes, you can trust her on this!




Jasmine Benson’s Review:

For volume, body and smoothness, the John Frieda Styler is perfect. It has a larger round brush head to achieve the perfect salon style blow dry at home. Like other hot air stylers, it omits heat as it styles to dry the hair in place. It comes with three heat settings, including a cool shot for finishing off styles.

The large round brush head means that this spin air styler achieves a really smooth finish as it styles. It can also be used to add body to roots or a little loose wave effect to ends, for that perfect salon blow dry.

This piece of beauty comes featured with an advanced ionic power and gives volume and shine to your hair while it dries each and every strand of your hair simultaneously. Ability to instantly heat up will save you time in drying your hair. Tangle free, anti static and powered by a 500 W with a 1-1/2-inch titanium ceramic-coated barrel. Enuff said!

What do I most love about the John Frieda Hot Brush?

Everything! I can instantly heat this up in 1 minute and it takes 5 minutes in total to dry up about 80% of my hair. The fact that it is so light, doesn’t tire my arms and bother me like some models I’ve used in the past. I’ve had this for about 2 years and have used it for both my short and long hair with ease! This brush head really grabs my hair and guides it around the brush – no more slithering out of the brush head, and burned fingers from trying to guide my hair around the brush. It doesn’t tangle my hair, releases easily, and I am not ending up with any fuzzy, kinked ends from not having wrapped my hair around the brush properly before setting the curl. Putting it on the highest setting will not burn your scalp and it has a cool setting that helps to set the curls. This amazing tool makes my hair look like it was just being blow dried by my hairdresser and by that I mean a salon quality blow dry that can last all day long! To end that note, it costs $24.99 on Amazon, has a 5 star rating and close to about 2000 happy customer reviews.

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john frieda

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