FHI Flat Iron Reviews

We decided to review FHI flat irons because they are extremely handy tools that provide a beautifully finished hair style. This hairstyle may require a little time from some people; however, it is one that requires little to no touch ups and lasts for days.

The amount of time required to straighten depends upon the experience of the user; her hair length, hair thickness, level of curliness; and the condition of the one’s hair.

FHI Heat Platform 1 Inch Review

This FHI Flat Iron’s ceramic plates are tourmaline treated to boost its negFHI-heat-ironative ion output. It has up to 20 times more negative ions than others providing intense moisture lock. It was designed with the advanced technology of a PTFC heater to generate maximum far infrared heat. The heating plates are 1 inch in width and heat from 140 degrees up to 450 degrees. These plates are created with three layers of baked ceramic to provide scratch resistance.

The FHI Flat Iron heating plates are beveled which is perfect for creating a wave; curly; ringlet; or flip look. The three baked layers provide more moisture locking capability. The far infrared heat is extremely gentle and the electromagnetic field is low emitting, both of which offer further protection from damage to hair. The FHI Flat Iron has Nano-fuzeion technology in order to produce luxuriously shiny hair.

FHI Heat Runway Review

The FHI Heat Runaway Digital Flat Iron has many wonderful features that assist in creating a FHI-Heat-Runwayflawless and beautiful hair style. The Integrated Ceramic Heating System has instant heat recovery offering protection from heat loss.

The heating temperatures range from 140 degrees up to 450 degrees. The FHI Flat Iron heat plates are treated with tourmaline that creates a shiny, just conditioned appeal. It has beveled plates that are useful for developing twisted; flipped; curly; or straight looks.

The FHI Heat Runaway Flat Iron allows versatility of damp to dry. This style tool is great for protecting hair color because it retards fading. The I.C.H.S. technology provides nearly instantaneous heat up. The heat plates are 100% pure ceramic and self-adjusting. The FHI Flat Iron has a 1 inch width and is extremely durable. The negative ion output offers advanced moisture locking technology. This wonderful little invention provides long lasting protection and shine whenever needed.

FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Hair Styling Iron

The FHI Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Professional Flat Iron is an innovative invention as well as FHI-Heat-Platform-Tourmeline-Ceramica must have. The heat plate width is 1 inch and beveled offering many styling options for perfect hair styles. The temperature adjusts from 140 to 450 degrees and the handle provides an anti-slip grip.

The tourmaline treated heat plates seal moisture into hair lending it a luxurious professionally done appearance. A travel case and thermal heat resistant resting mat are included with the FHI Platform Flat Iron. It features a 12 foot swivel cord that is ergonomically designed and a hook for easy hanging storage.

FHI Technique G2 Styling Iron Review

The FHI Technique G2 Professional Flat Iron features the advanced technology of PTC heating. FHI-Heat-Techique-Ceramic-IronThis means it has almost no heat loss consistently maintaining optimal levels for styling and heats up almost instantly. It also features a handy Auto Sense Control which automatically adjusts heat based upon the texture of hair.

The instantaneous heat ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline and have a beveled design. This means they are great for nearly any hair style desired whether wavy, curly, or sleek and straight.

This flat iron delivers 20 times more negative ions than competitors locking luster and healthy shine into hairstyles. The Nano-fuzeon technology is created with a combination of silver, titanium oxide, and titanium which seals in moisture while locking out harmful toxins and chemical build-up. The electromagnetic field it emits is safe and extremely low. It heats up rapidly and is adjustable from 140 degrees to 450 degrees. The FHI G2 Professional styling tool has been manufactured with a no tangle swivel cord.

FHI Heat Mini Technique Straight Iron Review

The FHI Mini Technique Ceramic Flat Iron has the same wonderful features as its sister irons. FHI-Heat-Technique-Styling-IronThis cute little tool heats up in a flash has the advanced technology known as auto sense control. The FHI Mini Flat Iron emits the same beneficial negative ions to neutralize positively charged hair. This produces a beautifully professional finish and luxurious shine. It protects hair from the harsh elements and seals the moisture inside. It’s designed with far infrared heating technology which decreases frizz while eliminating static electricity.

The FHI Mini is only ½ inch wide making it the perfect size to travel with as well as for quick touch ups. There are several color options allowing customers to choose one that matches their luggage. It features a convenient 5 foot cord as well.

How do hair straighteners work?

Flat irons use ions with either positive or negative charges as well as heat to style unruly hair. When hair is damaged it is said to be positively charged. This is the side effects of chemicals, other heated metal hair appliances, and day to day static electricity. A positive charge causes hair follicles to remain open and susceptible to damage such as dying out, chemicals, and natural elements in the air. These elements cause hair to feel as well as look brittle and frizzy or course.

The shaft of hair or the part that extends from the scalp is covered in microscopic scales. The elements mentioned above cause these scales to lift up and hair to look frizzy. There are some treatments available to make these scales lie down flat. One method of doing this is to use a FHI Styling tool to heat style hair.

The goal is to neutralize the charge which is exactly what the negative ions of flat irons accomplish. All ceramic flat irons create negative charges and tourmaline type flat irons boost the output. An FHI flat iron is ceramic tourmaline and using it to style hair not only creates a sleek smooth look, but protects the hair from harsh elements at the same time.