The Best Flat Iron for Thick Hair

Straight and Sleek

Straighteners are a girl’s best friend, and in my opinion, flat irons are the one piece of hair kit it’s impossible to do without. I can easily go without a hair dryer as long as I have my trusty straighteners to sort out the mess. I will not go out without straightened hair, and I know many others who feel the same.

Of course, we’re talking heat styling, and this comes with a risk of damaging your hair when used at high temperatures for prolonged periods of time, or even just for a few minutes every day. It’s for this reason it’s imperative to use a heat protection hair product when styling, every single time you do it. I simply use a straightening cream on wet hair, and then if I’m straightening my hair dry, I spritz it with a heat protection spray, and that way I know there’s a barrier between the plate and my hair.

The market is flooded with different brands of straightening irons, let alone different products by big named makes, however there are certain ones that remain at the top of the performance list. For me, that would be GHD, however my trusty Babyliss have served me very well over the last year or so.

Below, we compare two of the best flat irons for thick hair in particular.

GHD IV Salon Styler

ghd salon flat ironArguably the biggest name on the market. You don’t speak to many people and say the word ‘GHD’ without them cooing in admiration. For me, GHD flat irons are the best on the market, and the most long lasting. Yes, they’re expensive, but if they last, and work this well, I personally don’t mind spending a little more. You do get what you pay for.

This particular product in the GHD range is perfect for longer hair, very curly, or particularly thick. The larger plates mean it’s easier to grab hold of a large section, which also means less time styling, as you’re not having to do small sections all the time. Ceramic heaters and improved temperature control compared to earlier models give better control when styling, giving a frizz-free shine and no static. Easy to create curls, flicks, spirals, or simply straighten – it’s up to you! The swivel cord makes it easy to twist and turn as you style too.

For me, the universal voltage is a huge boost, meaning you can take these irons away with you and not have to worry about them not working to their high standard wherever you are. Another perk is that in-keeping with many people’s worries about leaving their irons on when they go out of the house, these particular ones turn themselves off after 30 minutes if left unattended. Peace of mind!

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 ¼ Straightening Iron

babyliss 1 1/4 flat ironThe second biggest name in hair technology, and our second recommendation for the title of the best flat irons for thick hair, has to be Babyliss. Like I mentioned before, my handy Babyliss straigheners have served me extremely well for the last 12 months, and I’m not in a hurry to change them. This particular product in the range is a little more expensive than our other comparison product, but the performance more than lives up to the price, and like we argued previously, you get what you pay for here.

If we’re comparing the two products, the downside of this particular product is that you may need a transformer in order to use them overseas, however that is easily remedied.

Funky appearance, you can choose either blue or black, and they are thinner and sleeker than their counterpart, quite compact and easy to store. Nano titanium plates, as the name suggests, heats up quickly, to a maximum of 450 degrees, and the LED display will help you choose and maintain your heat level.

Patented Ryton technology is a perk in this particular product, which houses the heat levels and means the irons are easy to hold and handle, making styling much easier. Of course, the ionic technology goes a long way to saying goodbye to frizz, and infrared heat also ensures no damage to hair, provided it is protected with product beforehand of course – remember the introduction!

The main selling point of this product, aside from the name again, is that the heat is easily maintained, so styling time is reduced. Standing in front of a mirror straightening thick hair is never fun at the best of times, so quick and effective is a good thing.

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So in conclusion …

best flat iron for thick hairThe GHD and Babyliss products in our comparison review are arguable two of the best flat irons for thick hair out there on the market. Anyone with thicker or coarse hair will know how difficult it can be to sleek down that hair and keep it straight, without kinks or flicks that aren’t meant to be there! Remember that heat protection prior to styling and these two products in particular will produce shiny, straight styles that should last well into the evening.