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Sleek, straight hair is the dream of many, but only a few are blessed with naturally straight hair. Usually, “straight” hair becomes wavy by the end of the day, or depending on temperature and climate, may become frizzy or just untamed. The quick and easy solution? To straighten it!

With so many products to choose from, you probably think – which do I choose? A hair straightener or a flat iron?

A hair straightener and a flat iron are essentially the same thing, companies just choose to call them different names. You may also hear terms such as straightening iron or hair iron. We have chosen the top 3 best flat irons for natural hair and review them below.

Top Hair Irons:  The Ultimate Buying Guide

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The Best Flat Irons For Natural Hair

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1” Ultra Thin Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO hair iron

This ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight best flat iron features nano titanium plates, so it glides easily through hair without pulling it. It emits negative ions and maximum far-infrared, and heats up to 450 degrees heat for fast, gentle straightening. It doesn’t damage hair. Customers give it five stars and talk about its long-lasting straightening effects, even on hot humid days.

Though priced at over $100, customers claim that it’s worth the money since it really works, doesn’t damage hair, and is easy to use.

Since it works quickly, you can save time styling your hair and avoid frustrating hand fatigue. What’s important – it gives you the results you want, so you don’t need to repeat the process of straightening on the same strand of hair over and over again. Professional, salon-quality results will ensure you that this is one hair straightener worth breaking the piggy bank for.


  • Lightweight and thin, thinner and lighter than most hair straighteners on the market
  • Easy to use, straightens hair quickly with a single glide
  • Works fast to avoid wasted time and hand cramps
  • Won’t damage or pull hair
  • Can also be used for fast, easy hair curling
  • Leaves hair soft and shiny all day long
  • Gives a natural look to hair, without split ends, stick-straight hair and frizz
  • Straightens any kind of hair from fine to curly and thick quickly and efficiently
  • Professional-quality product at a lower price
  • Customers claim this iron works perfectly for years and years.


  • Price – around $100 (may be high for some, especially for first-time straightener users.)

This top flat iron is quite expensive, but it works perfectly and is lighter than many straighteners. It doesn’t damage hair as a cheaper alternative might. It also keeps hair manageable and straight all day long, so you spend less time at the mirror and end up with better results.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra Thin Flat Iron
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2. HSI Professional 1 Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

hsi hair straightenerCompared to BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium iron, this hair straightener is cheap when it comes to the price, but not of cheaper quality. Customers seem to love this iron as well, giving it a five-star rating on

Though originally priced at $199, this straightening iron is now available for just $39.95 on, and comes with a free glove, pouch and travel size Argan Oil leave-in hair treatment. With this iron, you can straighten, flip and curl your hair at adjustable temperatures from 240 to 410 degrees F. It features ceramic/tourmaline ion plates that leave hair silky and shiny in no time. Plates are wide enough for any hair length and type.

It can be used on any hair type and length, even on bangs, due to its thin plates. Though some users complained about hair getting stuck in between plates, this is an issue that occurs with many hair straighteners, therefore, you should take time to style your hair for the best effect.


  • Adjustable temperature to suit hair type to avoid burning fine hair or using an inadequate temperature for thicker hair
  • Smooth ceramic plates that glide through hair easily giving ideal results
  • Narrow enough for bangs but wide enough for any hair type and length
  • Heat indicating LED light that tells you when the iron is ready to use
  • Fast and easy to use since you know when it’s fully heated and it works quickly
  • Long-lasting, professional results reported by most users
  • Comes with protective heat glove for optional use and travel pouch for easy storing after use and/or for travel
  • Price, conveniently priced under $50


  • Needs to be reset sometimes in order to work – a minor frustration for some users
  • No automatic shut off timer – must be unplugged to avoid potential accidents, especially around children
  • Takes a while to heat up
  • Minor hair damage reported unless used carefully (hair may tangle in between plates – a common issue with many irons.)

When compared to the BaBylissPro flat iron, the HSI is cheaper and has useful extras in the box, it works just as well, but it seems that its effects aren’t as ideal. Using it might be frustrating for some, especially when pressed for time. The Remington works faster than the HSI, but results are better with this one.

HSI Professional Hair Straightener
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3. Remington Digital Anti Static Ceramic Hair Straightener

Remington flat ironThough much cheaper than the previous two flat irons mentioned, the Remington Digital Anti Static hair straightener is still a five-star hair iron – it’s actually the best inexpensive flat iron available. Priced below $20, it is something even a broke college student could afford. It features anti-static technology and digital temperature controls. It heats up in 30 seconds and shuts off automatically.

It works ideally with fine and thick hair, doesn’t dry out hair and is easy to use. However, it’s not as fast-working as its more expensive competitors mentioned above, and customers reported having to run it through hair several times to get the ideal effect.

Its price can be seen as a good or bad thing – good because most people can afford it, but bad because cheap products usually go hand in hand with bad results. However, customers are overall satisfied with this particular hair iron, claiming that it straightens hair well and gives expected results, though it is heavier and clunkier than other hair irons. When on a tight budget, this flat iron is a good enough choice and your hair will thank you.


  • Priced under $20, affordable by almost anyone yet still bringing good results
  • Heats up quickly in just 30 seconds saving you lots of time
  • Digital temperature controls for all hair types
  • Easy to use for straightening and curling due to rounded edges
  • Doesn’t dry out or damage hair when used correctly and carefully
  • Won’t create static in hair or leave it frizzy
  • Features a salon-line swivel cord for easy use
  • Can also be used for curling hair


  • Not high-quality in look and feel
  • Doesn’t straighten with a single glide, requires a repeated run-through sometimes
  • Doesn’t glide easily through hair and plates may snag hair
  • Plates don’t close completely making it difficult to use at times, you need to squeeze them hard to get better results
  • May leave creases in hair after a single glide, requiring more time at the mirror
  • Heavier than more expensive hair straighteners (not good for travel and may cause hand fatigue)
  • Split ends and damaged hair reported (though can be said of many flat irons.)

Remington S5500 Hair Straightener
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Flat Iron Buying Guide

When using a good flat iron for the first time or if you plan on using an iron sparingly, don’t spend too much money on an HSI or BaByliss straighteners – the Remington works just as well. Though heavier than the other two, making it not so convenient for travel, it straightens well, but does require more time. However, it’s under $20, and not a $100.

Now that you’re familiar with three of the best flat irons, different as in from different companies and at different prices, you can see that price and quality don’t always go hand in hand. You can buy a good hair straightener at a low price, since many of them, like the Remington, are priced at under $20 but still work fine. They do differ slightly in quality from more expensive hair irons, and are a bit heavier.

When buying a flat iron, decide which features are most important. If price isn’t an issue, consider investing in an iron like the BaBylissPro to ensure salon-quality results, ease of use, and overall satisfaction. But, if you want a straightener to use from time to time, remember that irons under $50, like the HSI or Remington work just as well.

All three irons have plates that are a size of 1 inch in width, so they’re wide enough for any hair type and length, from the finest to the thickest hair, yet narrow enough for bangs or short hair. These tools can also be used for creating curls or flips, due to their narrow size. Therefore, consider this an all-in-one machine which straightens, smooths and curls hair. Some customers reported (for all three irons) this as a con, stating that the thin plates made the iron harder to use, but most consider this a positive thing, since a good iron will straighten hair effectively no matter how thick or thin the plates are.

Thinner plates have added advantages, such as the ability to curl or to straighten short hair, including bangs. They’re also lighter and smaller than their wider competitors. However, you may find straightening irons, such as the BaBylissPro Nano in a wider design (1.4 inches) if that size suits you better (for example, if you have very thick or curly hair.)

best flat ironsRemember that regular use of hair straighteners, and other hair styling products, may damage your hair, regardless of what manufacturers may tell you. You can achieve better effects if you skip a day or two of straightening, and/or if you use heat protecting products on your hair prior to straightening. Such products will leave hair shinier and softer, while protecting it from heat damage.

Consider using different types of hair conditioners or hair oils, such as argan oil. Hair stylists may recommend using hair irons made of ceramic tourmaline or titanium blended with ceramic to avoid split ends. Fact is, even with careful use, you may still get split ends due to the high temperature of the hair straightener. You should be able to run a hair iron just once through hair to get it straight, without burning it several times when forced to repeat the process.

As with all electronics, also note that after time, paint may start to chip. This is normal, considering that this type of device is constantly heated up to a high temperature, then cooled back to room temperature, over and over again. With time, they may take longer to heat up as coating starts to rub off.

A good hair straightener may accompany you for several years, but note that twenty years later, it might not work as well. At the same time, consider this a good investment – if you buy a top-rated hair straightener, you might still be able to use it many years from now. It’s worth paying a bit more for something better, rather than getting a fairly-rated electronic that requires replacement several times during those years.

All in all, these three best flat irons were chosen by us for a reason. Not because they were marketed well, or because we think they’re the best, but mostly because customers just like you used them and gave their feedback. It’s important to see what others have to say about a product before purchasing it. That way, you can see reviews from real people who tried this exact same product, and decide for yourself. Tested and starred, these three best flat irons for natural hair deserved their mark, and perhaps a place on your bathroom shelf!